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Crunch time. Crunch time. No sleep for crunch time. 🙃



Last few weeks of college means many many many projects coming to a grind. I am dying.



With each passing day, I'm getting closer and closer to graduation. Soon I'll no longer be tied to school. It feels weird since all my life so far has been.



Balancing school, personal projects, and down time is not fun. :(



I'm considering diving head first back into RPG Maker MV. I'm currently fleshing out a game concept that involves clowns. 🤡

Headshot of main character concept.



I am officially no longer a teenager 🎉



New semester has started. So far so good. Hopefully it stays that way.



I'm a week away from having to move back into my dorm...I ache to scream into the void.



There's nothing like dressing up a character and taking selfies in a video game. Besides that, I'm hoping to actually update some of my sites soon.

A selfie taken in the game Pareidolia In █▄██▄▄.



I wanna be productive but I also don't want to do anything. This is the last break I got before I gotta go back to school and then aftwards find a job.



What a woman.

A collage of The Huntress from Dead By Daylight



One last exam and then I'm done with this school semester 🎉



I'm so close to be being down with this semester. Just a few more things to finish, and I'll be home free. I wanna sleep 💤



This is my last week of the semester. I gotta finish quite a few projects. I'm burning out—I wanna rest.



Due to me having a new laptop, I finally stopped using sunsetted Atom and downloaded Pulsar. It's just like Atom and has all the packages and themes so it's like I never switched, but my soul still hurts... Anyways, I now have Astarion as my background image 🖤

Pulsar screenshot featuring an image of Astarion as the editor background.



There's two weeks left of this college semester. I'm both eager for it and dreading it. I have so much to get done.



My body has no right to be this hungry at midnight. Was me feeding it 6 hours ago not enough?? As far as I'm concerned, I shouldn't have to feed it for another week.



Is my carpet moldy or is it just weirdly dirty? Who knows? I'm getting rid of it regardless.



It's crazy how certain environments drain your energy even when nothing is the matter. Somehow my bedroom is a safe haven and a parasite at the same time. It drains me more than being in my dorm room.



Don't you love it when you forget something at a place you won't be able to go back to for over a week.



I've been working on a "ponycycle" model for my animation class, and I'm kinda in love with it. It's really cute. I'm looking forward to texturing it.

A 3D model of a horse shaped motorcycle.



Nothing like staying up late reading angsty fanfiction instead of getting a decent amount of sleep. I wish I didn't have classes tomorrow.



Nothing like spending 3 hours on a whim. Now I have this status website. The process of updating it is pretty straightforward. Let's see if I actually use it.